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Public Administration (PUB-ADM) - Capstone Seminar In Public Administration
PUB-ADM 5530      Capstone Seminar In Public Administration
This course examines theories of public organizational design, structure and change, including various issues in the administration of public organizations. Questions of professional ethics and management in the public interest are also considered. This is the final course in the MPA core curriculum. Prerequisites: PUB-ADM 5525, PUB-ADM 5526, PUB-ADM 5544, PUB-ADM 5548 (or equivalents), or concurrent enrollment. Note: Health-services students can substitute HLTH-ADM 5571 for PUB-ADM 5525, and HLTH-ADMN 5578 for PUB-ADM 5544.
Faculty: Bloch School of Management
Department: Public Affairs