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Real Estate (RL-EST) - Capital Markets
RL-EST 5558      Capital Markets
The course examines the influence of capital markets on real estate by covering the structure and operation of the private and public, debt and equity real estate capital markets, as well as derivative markets that involve real estate. A thorough range of topics in equity real estate investment are examined including: private equity markets, private equity deal structuring, public and private real estate investment trusts (REITs), measuring risk and return; structuring optimal portfolios, portfolio valuation issues, valuing publicity traded real estate securities, performance evaluation and attribution, and real estate risk management techniques. This course also covers a variety of topics in commercial real estate debt markets including: the structure of the US mortgage finance system, and the valuation of mortgages and commercial mortgage backed securities. Offered: Every other summer
Faculty: Bloch School of Management
Department: Business Adminstration